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Russian Glaucoma Society (RGS) 2017 Annual Meeting! The Best Glaucoma Winter Weekend in Europe (Russia)!

General Information: 1st and the main! Pre-Registration till November, 1

Registration are not open now (will be open from March, 2017)

Date and the Name: December, 1-2, 2016 "GLAUCOMA: THEORIES, TENDENSIES, TECHNOLOGIES", Russian Annual Glaucoma Society Meeting - 2017 with HRT/Spectralis Club Russia - 2017


Location: Hotel Holiday Inn Sokolniki, Sokolniki Room (1 and 2) and Krymsky Val Room, Okhotny Ryad Room, Arbat Room, Krasnye Vorota Room, Lubyanka Room, Ostozhenka Room, 24 Rusakovskaya Street, Moscow, Russia (Sokolniki metro station, 1 min. by step)


Registration/Hospitality/Information: Registration Desk will be situated at the entrance of the Hotel Holiday Inn Sokolniki, for the duration of the RGS Meeting 2016 NB! Registration fee for foreign MD will be only on-site (1500 Russian Rubles, or about USD 25-30)


Open Hours: 07:00 - 18:00, December, 1 and 09:00 - 15:00, December, 2 (Special closed meetings and round tables)


Badge: Upon registering you will receive your Meeting Bag in which you will find you name (or clear) badge. NB! Your badge will be necessary to visit the sessions, coffee-break and lunch! Red - organizers, Blue - participants, Green - for exhibitors, Yellow - press


Exhibition Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00, December, 1


Sessions: Please make sure to be in session halls on time as all sessions will begin per schedule


Language: Russian is the official language of the RGS Meeting 2017, but usually we have a special English translation for our foreign guests


Coffee Breaks and Lunch: Coffee Breaks and Lunch will be offered at the breaks indicated in the schedule. Catering areas will be available in the special area on the Hotel Holiday Inn Sokolniki 1st floor


Certificate of Attendance: The Certificate of Attendance is included in your Meeting Bag


Transportation to the Meeting: Without assistance! The best transport in Moscow is the metro. In that time we will wait a fantastic traffic... :(


Smoking Policy: Smoking is prohibited at all time in the meeting halls and exhibit halls. Your compliance is appreciated


Mobile Phones: Please note that mobile phones must be switched off during all sessions


Weather: Between - 5 to -15 C


RGS Meeting Organizers Address: Mandryka Clinical Hospital, 8A Bolshaya Olenya Street, Moscow, Russia, 107014, Ophthalmology Department, contact persons - Alexander Kuroyedov or/and Vitaly Gorodnichy E-mail eye@eyenews.ru Web`s www.eyenews.ru  www.glaucomanews.ru  www.hrtclubrussia.ru  https://www.facebook.com/GlaucomaNews 




December, 1 (from 8pm to 11pm) will be a greatest social event (more than 100 professors) with Interesting Social and Music Programm



Welcome to Moscow!